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Pluto Pillow

Verticale X Pluto

Pluto Pillow is the first-ever customized pillow out there. Made to order, upon purchase, you will receive an email leading you to a questionnaire to personally create the perfect pillow for you! 
    About Pluto:

    The first-ever customized pillow company to meet your sleep standards, Pluto creates pillows through their patent-pending process that leverages data to create the perfect blend, just for you. Pluto Pillows are not just a standard foam pillow, they are built from a hybrid design constructed with a foam inner core and an outer plush pillow, both unique to your individual profile. Both the foam inside and plush outside are customized to your needs, which comes from a questionnaire you'll receive after purchase!

    Verticale Value Set:

    Reducing Waste: All of Pluto pillows are made to order, therefore eliminated excess products or materials.

    Women's Empowerment: Pluto is a female-founded company.

    Mind & Body Wellness: Great sleep = great health, Pluto is all about getting that good night's sleep.

    Diverse Founders: Pluto was founded by an Asian-American Woman.