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Free shipping, always 🛒

Lightweight Flex Derby Stone

Pack away with your lunch

These are your new emergency shoes, 3x lighter than most shoes and completely collapsible. Be ready for anything: bring them on your carry-on, store them in your backpack, or even in your back pocket. Best part? No need to break them in. 

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Product Details
  • Sole: XL Extralight®
  • No Need to Break-In
  • Collapsable for easy travel
  • Water-resistant, high-quality leather
  • Leather Working Group Certified
Fit + Measurements
  • True to Size
  • Each pair weights less than 1 lb

Vetted by The Verticale Values

Ethical Production

Nisolo creates all their products in Mexican, Peruvian or Kenyan factories which ensure a living wage, healthcare, and a safe work environment. They are also a Certified B Corporation and constantly work to combat climate change by protecting the Amazon from deforestation.

Local Craftsmanship

All of Nisolo's products are crafted in factories by Mexican, Peruvian or Kenyan locals that are fairly employed. Nisolo also works tirelessly to cut excess costs within their production to minimize price markups on their products.

Responsible Materials

Everything Nisolo does is to nudge the fashion industry in a sustainable direction, with 95% of their leather uppers originating from Leather Working Group certified tanneries


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On a mission to create carbon-neutral outfit staples.


  • Ethical Production

  • Local Craftsmanship

  • Responsible Materials

Nisolo keeps it clean, crisp, and simple with their products. With a passion to drive carbon neutral sustainable fashion, all of their effortless products are made in one of three factories: Mexico, Kenya, Peru. Each factory specializes in a craft, and their knowledge sets Nisolo’s products apart. From their shoes to their jewelry, everything is made from the highest-quality materials at the fairest prices. Build your capsule closet with the best.




Nashville, TN


Certified B Corp, Climate Neutral Certified


Zoe Cleary & Patrick Woodyard