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Free shipping, always 🛒

Upcycled Hoodie

Pair with Sweatpants

Sit back and get comfortable with this form-fitting hoodie. Only offering the best for all-day comfort, it is breathable, durable, and. Just. Looks. Good! 


Size Guide
Color: Black
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Product Details
  • Midweight + Loose Tailored Fit + Durable
  • High-Quality, Low-Impact
  • Saved: 1197 Gallons of Water
  • Zero Chemicals, Zero Dyes
  • Materials: French Terry Fleece, 52% Upcycled Cotton + 48% Recycled Polyester 
  • Made in Northern Portugal
Fit + Measurements
  • S: Chest (19.5") x Length (26.5")
  • M: Chest (20.5") x Length (27.5")
  • L: Chest (21.5") x Length (28.5")
  • XL: Chest (22.5") x Length (29.5")
Care Instructions
  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Dry on Low Heat, or Hang to Dry for Longest Life

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Reducing Waste

Tact & Stone values recycling as their primary method to reduce waste. They utilize GRS-certified polyester and have an upcycling program for used items to be given a second life.

Responsible Materials

Tact & Stone’s pieces are all designed using high-quality low impact materials that are GOTS- or GRS-certified. Furthermore, their garments are only produced by collaborators and suppliers who meet the same high quality, fair practices, and environmental standards.


/ 11.11.20


Tact & Stone


On a mission to to take the waste out of fashion.


  • Reducing Waste

  • Responsible Materials

No one else is gonna save the planet for you. Tact & Stone is all about putting one foot forward in the environmental movement, rewriting the wasteful practices of the fashion industry. Tact & Stone uses a circular fashion model to upcycle their goods, meaning every item saves more water, reduces more emissions and eliminates more waste than ever before. Sustainable menswear doesn’t have to be a sacrifice, but rather something that will make you look as good as the planet feels.




Los Angeles, CA


Landon Nash