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F, Yes Trio Set

Three’s a party

The perfect gift for anyone who needs a relaxing one-of-a-candle experience. Feel grounded and self assured with the carefully crafted scents burning off this trio’s wooden wicks. As a bonus, enjoy the subtle golden shimmer infused in the wax for a dazzling experience. 

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Product Details
  • Scent Profile: Woody + Citrus + Floral mix
  • 165+ Hours Total Burn Time
  • Each candle features an audible affirmation activated via Spoken Flames’ Instagram filter
  • Includes a Gift Box and Matchbox
  • Featured Candles: Focused, Fearless, Favored
  • The Multisensory Experience: Hear the crackle, See the golden shimmer, Smell the candle, Feel empowered. 
  • Handpoured in Brooklyn, NY
Fit + Measurements
  • 3 x 8.6 oz
Care Instructions
  • Keep the wooden wick trimmed short, preferably to 1/8th of an inch. 
  • Make the first burn the best burn: allow for a full melt pool (3-4 hour burn) to prevent tunneling.
  • Coconut + Wax Blend
  • Soft-crackling wooden wicks 
  • Phthalate-free & petroleum-free

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Founder and maker, Shavaun is a Black woman who taps into her personal rituals and creativity to help her customers practice self-care.


Shavaun founded the venn diagram of mental health, aromatherapy, and spoken word.


/ 06.25.21


Spoken Flames


On a mission to smell self-awareness and self-care.


  • Black-Owned

  • For Women By Women

  • Responsible Materials

  • Women-Owned

Enjoy the multisensory candle experience of Spoken Flames: the soft crackle of a fire and the mantra of spoken word. Founder Shavaun was obsessed with candles and the relaxing aromatherapy that they provided. She decided to elevate the candle, enter the inclusion of spoken-word-type mantras to get you in a powerful state of mind while you cat-curl around an intoxicatingly scented candle. Feel affirmed by each candle message—which even comes to life with a spoken word poem or affirmation via augmented reality (AR).




New York, NY


Shavaun Christian