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The Apple Cider Vinegar

Skip the apple picking The Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) that actually tastes like apples thanks to the woman who hand-picks them in California. This delicious high-quality vinegar is the perfect addition to any salad, dressing, or even baked goods.
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Product Details
  • Made with organic Red Rome Beauty, Golden Delicious, and Pink Pearl apples
  • Hand-harvested in California by Little Apple Treats orchard
  • Crafted in collaboration with farmer Joanne Krueger
Fit + Measurements

400ml (13.5 oz)

Care Instructions
  • Keep out of the direct sunlight
  • Store in cool temperature
  • ACV will age thanks to the live probiotic mother culture, to slow down keep in the fridge.

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Ariel Pasternak and Atara Bernstein had worked in the food industry for years, hosting events which highlighted women of the industry, before founding the Pineapple Collaborative.

Reducing Waste

All of Pineapple Collaborative’s products are produced in small batches to limit excess product, thus reducing waste.


/ 11.19.21


Pineapple Collaborative


On a mission to connect over dreamy pantry staples.


  • Women-Owned

  • Reducing Waste

Pineapple Collaborative makes small-batched Californian-grown olive oil, Peruvian salt and more. Built on the belief that food drives communities, identities and values, Pineapple wants to enrich every culinary experience from the highest end Italian pasta to your fav instant meal. By utilizing the power of local farmers and pure ingredients, their products have a pure taste that will make cooks out of even the worst. Now, invite some friends over and catch up over something delicious– expand your pantry.




Washington, D.C.


Ariel Pasternak & Atara Bernstein