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Piecework Puzzles



The puzzle of all puzzles, this one from Piecework is a true curio cabinet of delights! 

Product Details:

  • Random-cut pieces
  • Thick stock and high-quality art paper
  • Not suitable for children
  • Board is 100% recycled paper
Fit and Measurements: 

Completed puzzle is 19.25 x 26.6 inches. Box is 8 x 10 x 1.8 inches

About Piecework Puzzles:

Piecework's founders discovered their love of puzzles accidentally during a rainy weekend stuck indoors. Built upon the joy and satisfaction that comes from puzzling, the brand was created to spread their love of jigsaws and explore quality time in the great indoors. Each puzzle — made from 100% recycled paper — prioritizes beautiful, whimsical design.

Verticale Value Set:

Mind & Body Wellness: Puzzles are meant to help you relax, focus on one simple, enjoyable task, and hopefully get you away from your phones! They help us be present in the moment, are focused on community, and are more than anything enjoyable!