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Get it while it’s still hot and here. 🔥 Shop now.
Get it while it’s still hot and here. 🔥 Shop now.


Keep a chilled wine bottle or two

The Tote comes with an insulated pouch and will hold everything you need for a midday picnic: your lunch, your wallet and phone, two glasses and a bottle of chardonnay. Get real French about it. The Tote is stylish and incognito, so no one really knows what rabbit will be coming out of that hat. 

Colors: Cream Crocodile, Black Crocodile, Black, Cream
Color: Black
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For Women By Women

Ali founded Modern Picnic to make the everyday work hustle just a bit easier, a bit healthier, and a bit more fun

Reducing Waste

Every Modern Picnic product is made from vegan leather and has an insulated interior, to replace the wasteful plastic containers and bags currently holding your lunch.

Product Details
  • Vegan Leather
  • The Tote itself is not insulated but comes with an insulated pouch that snaps in
  • Features: Zip Closure +  Interior Pocket + Back Pocket + Snap-In Pouch
Fit + Measurements
  • Size of Bag:H 13" x W 16" x D 7"
  • Handle Length: 10”
  • Pouch Dimensions: 11" L  x 4.5" D x 10" H
Care Instructions
  • Clean inside and outside with warm water + soap
  • Avoid alcohols, acetones, and oils in cleaning process


/ 11.11.20


Modern Picnic


On a mission to modernize the lunchbox.


  • For Women By Women

  • Reducing Waste

Modern Picnic is upgrading the modern-day woman’s routine with a sustainable and stylish lunchbox. Go completely incognito from the office to the movie theater– screw sneaking in M&Ms, they won’t even be able to tell there’s a whole rotisserie chicken inside. Modern Picnic bags are perfectly gorgeous and made with vegan leather, all in the name of reducing plastic by replacing your Power Rangers lunch box. Feel your best while bringing lunch to work everyday.




New York, NY


Ali Kaminetsky