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Loftie Clock

Hit snooze Get a better night’s sleep away from the blue light of a smartphone with the thoughtfully designed alarm clock that actually is trying to help you get a full night’s rest. And the best part? It doesn’t have that triggering alarm tone of our iPhones.
Color: Black
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Product Details
  • Dimmable display and night light
  • Bluetooth speaker for relaxing music or audiobook
  • Can also be a white noise machine or provide natural soundscapes
  • Customize alarm tone and volume (only as jarring as you want it)
  • Materials: polycarbonate shell + steel top grill + lithium ion battery
  • Wifi required (2.4 GHz)
  • Included: USB-C cable and power adapter
Fit + Measurements
  • L 2.75” x W 6.5” x H 2.75”
  • 1.8 lbs

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Mental Health & Mindfulness

The bluelight and distraction of our phone deeply ruins our sleep, leading to issues such as diabetes, depression, anxiety, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and more. Loftie was built around the idea of breaking up with our phones for the sake of better sleep.


/ 11.17.21




On a mission to break up with your smartphone.


  • Mental Health & Mindfulness

Loftie is trying to find a healthy tech-life balance, and it all starts in the bedroom. How many times have you woken up to snooze your alarm and found yourself lost in social media, just “checking” what people have been up to? The truth is that this harmless act isn’t that harmless at all and exposes us to blue light which disrupts our sleep pattern. Loftie is cutting us from the source, before and after bed, to improve overall health, wellness and sleep. It may seem silly, but bad sleep has been linked to all kinds of health issues from depression and anxiety to diabetes. It’s time to read the red (blue?) flags, and break up with your phone– at least for a bit.




New York, NY


Matthew Hassett