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Oliver Cabell

Leather Kit


The perfect kit for cleaning all your leather goods! 

Instructions for Use:

1. Clean the shoe using Premium Shoe Cleaner and Brush.
2. Air dry.
3. Apply conditioner evenly with a soft cloth or sponge.
4. Allow five minutes for the leather to absorb the Leather Conditioner.

About Oliver Cabell:

Oliver Cabell brings luxury, high-quality shoes to you at a fair price. Handcrafted and made with only the best materials, Oliver Cabell's shoes are sleek essentials made to perfection without the crazy markup that you typically see in this category. These shoes bring style to you effortlessly and are perfect for the modern-day consumer.

Verticale Value Set:

Local Craftsmanship: Oliver Cabell has worked hard to build strong relationships with the best manufacturers and only works with the highest-quality materials that are ethically sourced and made to last. Not to mention that products are sold directly to consumers with no middlemen or price markups.

Ethical Production: All of Oliver Cabell's products are made in factories that practice ethical production.