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Mid-Rise Brief

Bell Bottom
Peachy Keen
Beach Bum
Bon Bon
Midnight Moon
Cloud Nine

The Knickey Mid-Rise Brief is the ultimate style for every body. With a full coverage seat and a rise that’s *just right* -- you’ll be donning these undies on the daily.

Fit and Measurements:

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About Knickey:

With a focus on Women's Health, Knickey provides certified organic cotton underwear for women that is breathable, comfortable, and wearable all day long. Knickey promises to only use earth-friendly materials, which makes them one of our favorite sustainable brands. The cotton in their products is grown in certified organic environments, without the use of pesticides, water conservation practices and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Their processes eliminate toxic chemicals in manufacturing, and are carbon neutral. Knickey also ensures diversity and inclusion with its products, providing basics in a variety of skin colors, shapes and sizes. Made for women at all ages and stages, Knickey is the next generation of underwear for women, one that saves our environment and has our backs.

Verticale Value Set:

Responsible Materials: All of Knickey's products are made from organic cotton and are free from toxins, carcinogens, and other harmful chemicals. Knickey's cotton is GOTS-certified.

Ethical Production: All Knickey products are made in fair-trade certified factories where working conditions take into effect such important factors as livable wages, reasonable hours, and the right to unionize.

Reducing waste: Knickey has a give-back recycling program where they take old textiles and break them down to make new fabric fibers. 

Women's Empowerment: With Women's bodies and health at its core. Knickey is a female-founded company that keeps our vaginal health in check and strives to give women underwear that keeps them healthy, confident, and looking cute.