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A5 Journal - Twin Pack

Double Trouble (Minus the Trees)
Organize your life, get creative, or take up bullet journalling (you know you want to). Karst’s twin pack journals come in the same color, but one is lined (for the side of your brain that needs order) and the other is blank (for the chaotic creative side).
Color: Forest
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Product Details
  • Water-Proof + Tear Resistant Paper
  • Fully Recyclable
  • 2 Notebooks: 1 x lined, 1 x blank
  • Pages Per Journal: 50
  • Printed with Soy Ink
  • Made from Stones
Fit + Measurements
  • A5 Size:  5.8 x 8.3 inches

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Giving Back

Karst partnered with One Tree Planted to make up for the ecological damage caused by the pulp and paper industry (such as the heavy deforestation). Every order corresponds to trees planted in North America, South America, Asia or Africa.

Responsible Materials

Karst Stone Paper is made by mixing calcium carbonate powder (from recycled stone material) with a high-quality, non-toxic, non-virgin resin. Heat and pressure are applied, then the material is rolled thin enough to be used as paper. Made without bleaches, acids or trees, for a more durable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional paper


/ 07.22.21




On a mission to revolutionize the paper industry with stones.


  • Giving Back

  • Responsible Materials

​​Meet Karst, the forward-thinking, Certified B Corp brand making the paper of the future. Karst understood the damage deforestation and the paper industry was causing the environment. They demanded simple goods that worked. Recycling stone leftovers from construction sites and waste dumps, Karst is recreating paper without the chlorine, acid, waste or trees. Karst Stone Paper is more durable, more sustainable, and infinitely smoother to write, scribble, doodle, or draw on.




Sydney, NSW


Certified B Corp


Kevin Garcia & John Tse