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The Hombre Tote

Have a nice (conscious) day!This take on the traditional (and icky) single-use plastic bag is everything you dream of: durable, re-usable, gorgeous colors, carries up to 40lbs, and is conscious of the earth. Take it to the market, your favorite stores, or just on a walk because this is the conscious statement piece we’ve all been waiting for.
Color: Pale Blue
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Product Details
  • Carries up to 40 pounds
  • What is Bio-Knit? A fabric made in the U.S. from CiCLO® technology and recycled plastic bottles 
  • One interior pocket
  • Matte-finish
  • Bio-Knit naturally softens over time (without falling apart)
  • Folds up into a smaller size for storing
  • Free of formaldehyde and toxic dyes 
  • Impact for the Planet: 1 Junes bag replaces 500 plastic bags 
  • Impact for Women: Junes bags allows 18 women located in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico to earn a sustainable income
Fit + Measurements
  • 17”W x 13.5”H (without strap)
  • 17”W x 19”H (with strap)
Care Instructions
  • Wash in machine or by hand
  • Air dry

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Giving Back

Junes partners with an all-female sewing co-op in Juarez, Mexico that supports women, they also donate 1% of total sales to the Global Fund for Women that protects individuals from gender-based violence.

Reducing Waste

Junes uses a unique Bio-Knit fabric, made from recycled plastic water bottles that are treated with a certified CiCLO® additive that allows the plastic to behave and break down like natural fibers.


Janean Mann wanted a perfect, everyday tote that did less to the environment but more for humanity– specifically the women of Juarez.


/ 03.04.22




On a mission to do more for women and the earth.


  • Giving Back

  • Reducing Waste

  • Women-Owned

Reusable bags are more than a cute, instagramable trend for Janean. Junes started with Janean’s hunt for a sustainable fabric in Mexico, where another harsh truth struck her– the local women faced extreme violence. Juarez, Mexico was plagued by human and drug trafficking and misogyny, and Janean knew that Junes would be more than just a reusable bag: it would protect the earth AND women. Today, their bags keep 18 Juarez women earning a sustainable income, while a percentage of their sales go towards protecting women from violence: currently, that includes 117,696 women. Junes bags are the cute, colorful, durable bags you see all over social media. Start romanticizing consciousness.




El Paso, TX


CiCLO® Certified


Janean Mann