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Free shipping, always 🛒

Anna - Black & Sand

If you need to run out on a bad date

Meet the modern slip-on loafer, made to look good and feel good. The Anna’s signature mesh cushion is soft as a cloud and perfect for long dates walking through museums and holding hands like a love-sick geriatric couple.

Size Guide
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Product Details
  • 1.5” crescent heel + digital mesh cushion + Vegetable-tanned leather
  • Made to order, ships 2-4 weeks after order date
Fit + Measure
  • Fits true to US standard sizing
  • Suggest sizing down: open toe style allows for extra room and leather will stretch
Care Instructions
  • Since the leather is tanned with natural ingredients, it is more susceptible to scratches or discoloration. These are simply characteristics of your unique shoe 
  • To help long-time wear, it’s suggested to use a leather conditioner

Vetted by The Verticale Values

Ethical Production

HILOS values the workers behind the shoe as much as they do the shoe itself. All HILOS employees are paid a living wage, assured that every step is fairly paved.

Local Craftsmanship

All of HILOS's products are made with geographically close raw materials, by local artisans, and are designed and made in Portland, OR.

Reducing Waste

HILOS creates zero waste due to their small batch, made to order nature and their recycling program: allowing customers to return old HILOS shoes to be recycled into new pairs. Every pair saves 85% of water via their 3D printing methods.

Responsible Materials

HILOS clogs are made with responsibly sourced and dyed leathers that hail from Krumenauer tannery– which has a 90%+ transparency rating courtesy of the Leather Working Group (LWG)


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On a mission to create exciting footwear without the environmental footprint.


  • Ethical Production

  • Local Craftsmanship

  • Reducing Waste

  • Responsible Materials

HILOS was created to change the way the world makes and to fix wasteful practices. Each year 24 billion shoes are made, using 48 trillion gallons of fresh water, only for 1 in every 5 pairs to get thrown directly into the landfill. HILOS is bringing the personal back to shoes, conserving the environment while creating bold exciting zero-waste on-demand footwear. Using 3D printing technology, these products blend modern digital design with timeless techniques of generational local craftsmen. Made for you.




Portland, OR


Gaia Giladi & Elias Stahl