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Free shipping & returns on all orders, always. Shop now. 🛒

Dainty Chain


Second dates are aways better anyway

Take elegance in simple delicacy

Don’t think twice about this necklace: wear it to the bar with a date or two, wear it to work, in the gym clothes that weren’t bought to be worked out in, or with your comfiest oldest pajamas. Pro-tip: buy some fun charms to decorate it.

Colors: Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Fill, Rose Gold Fill, 14k Solid Gold

Length: 15-17”, 17-19”

Product Details
  • Made from Recycled Metals
  • Handmade in Washington State
Fit + Measurements
  • Chain: 15-17”/17-19”/19-21” Length x 1.2mm Thickness
  • Adjustable by 2”
Care Instructions
  • Avoid lathering it in chemicals (like lotions, SPFs, makeups, chlorine in pools)
  • Feel free to wear it in the bath
  • Try not to sweat in it (like at the gym)
  • Give it a good baking soda/gentle soap clean every now and then
  • Most importantly: Love it
  • 14k Gold Filled: This material balances cost and quality, having a thick layer of 14k gold bonded around a high-quality brass center. 
  • Sterling Silver: The jack-of-all-trades metal made to last forever. Silver tends to darken over time but you can either polish it up or wear it often (as natural skin oils help prevent tarnish).
  • Rose Gold Filled: Similar to the 14k Gold-Filled, this metal has an added copper element to give it that coveted rose hue.  
  • 14k Solid Gold: The low-maintenance been-there-done-that metal in your life that will last forever. This pure gold is mixed with some alloys to make it more durable and the best hue possible.