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Get it while it’s still hot and here. 🔥 Shop now.
Get it while it’s still hot and here. 🔥 Shop now.

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Unscented Beauties Try not to roll around in your warm laundry, freshly cleaned by Dirty Labs’ secret ingredient Phytolase®: an advanced enzyme that gently targets stains and odors. This nontoxic, biobased, and biodegradable formula kicks dirty laundry to the curb every time without any of the unfriendly practices.
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Clean Ingredients

Dirty Labs products meet U.S. EPA Safer Product standards, meaning they use 100% biobased, biorenewable, and biodegradable formulas. Their detergents are also Prop-65 toxin free, EU-listed allergen free, and free of sulfates, preservatives and other chemicals that concern human health and environmental pollutants (such as 1, 4 dioxane and borates).

Reducing Waste

Dirty Labs products are made-to-order in small batches, and they make sure to use leftover materials to ensure minimal waste

Product Details
  • How to: First things first, listen to your garments and their instructions. Fill to Line 1 (8ml) of the cap for standard-medium loads, and fill to Line 2 for heavily soiled loads.
  • A Hyper-Concentrated Biodegradable Formula
  • Free of CA Prop.65 Chemicals + Certified EPA Safer Choice Partner + 97% USDA Biobased Certified
  • Too Many Benefits: Hypoallergenic, Safe for Sensitive-skin & Babies, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Dye-Free, Sulfate/Paraben/Preservatives Free, Chlorine Bleach Free
Fit + Measurements
  • 20 fl oz Bottle
  • 75 Total Loads at 23¢ per Load
Care Instructions
  • Better Performing in Cold Water
  • Use with Traditional or High Efficiency Washers
  • Please (Please) Recycle: the bottle is made of recyclable aluminium, the cap of recyclable PP and PE plastics, the formula is biodegradable, and everything is BPA-free

Detergent Ingredients: Aqua (CAS. 77-32-18-5), Caprylyl/Capryl glucoside (CAS. 68515-73-1), Lauryl glucoside (CAS. 110615-47-9), Coconut fatty acid (CAS. 61788-47-4), Capryloyl/Caproyl methyl glucamide (CAS. 1591782-62-5), Propanediol (CAS. 504-63-2), Sodium citrate (CAS. 6132-04-3), Glycerin (CAS. 56-81-5), Potassium hydroxide (CAS. 1310-58-3), Protease enzyme (CAS. 9014-01-1), Mannanase enzyme (CAS. 37288-54-3), Amylase enzyme (CAS. 9000-90-2), Pectate lyase enzyme (CAS. 9015-75-2), Cellulase enzyme (CAS. 9012-54-8).


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Dirty Labs


On a mission to innovate clean laundry.


  • Clean Ingredients

  • Reducing Waste

Chemicals and laundry seem synonymous, but they don’t have to be. We have to wear the scents and chemicals of traditional detergent throughout our daily lives, but why settle? Founders, David and Pete want to innovate laundry. Dirty Labs prides itself on clean science, with its biodegradable, nontoxic, paraben & sulfate-free detergent (also free of all California Proposition 65 chemicals of concern). Dirty Labs doesn't rely on petrochemicals or harsh synthetics, and they STILL get the job done.




Portland, OR


EPA Safer Choice, USDA Biopreferred, Accepted by the National Eczema Association


David Watkins & Dr. Pete He