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Cloud Planter

For the aspiring plant parentCreated by NYC design companies Lichen and Craighill, the Cloud Planter is the final touch to any room that needs a little nature. Made with agglomerated cork and a waterproof resin, you can plant your favorite herbs, flowers, or succulent directly into the planter. All you have to do is remember to water it.
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Product Details
  • Material: cork body with waterproof resin throughout
  • Collaborative design between Craighill and design company Lichen
Fit + Measurements
  • Weighs 15 oz
  • H 6.5” x D 7.5”

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Local Craftsmanship

Craighill’s wood and metal products are handcrafted by multigenerational experts in Michigan and Massachusetts, respectively. They also partner with local Greenpoint craftspeaople to develop new products.

Reducing Waste

All of Craighill’s products are made in small batches to minimize excess waste.


/ 02.17.22




On a mission to ignite a sense of wonder with homegoods.


  • Local Craftsmanship

  • Reducing Waste

Functionality, design, curiosity, pleasure– these are all words to describe Zach Fried and Hunter Craighill's brand. Founded in 2015 as a design and manufacturing brand, Craighill goes above the standard of good home essentials. Every product is created with two ideas in mind, functionality, and timelessness. Today's consumer society is built around wanting things, and most often, those things are useless or seasonal. Craighill wants to help each of us not only find endless pleasure in our home; after all, homeliness is about familiarity and comfort, but also in the objects, we fill it with. Imagine products that do their job and invoke a sense of wonder as you touch, see, and interact with them. Craighill believes that nothing should be mundane but a tactile experience of creative joy. Makes you think about what's on your side table, doesn't it?




Brooklyn, NY


Hunter Craighill & Zach Fried