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Get it while it’s still hot and here. 🔥 Shop now.
Get it while it’s still hot and here. 🔥 Shop now.

Common Grounds Coconut Scrub

It’s Piña Colada Season

Exfoliating, moisturizing, and nourishing coffee scrub with the delicious aroma of coconut. Made with non-greasy essential oils that will moisturize your skin and leave you feeling fresh, clean, smoother, and softer the minute you get out of the shower.

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Clean Ingredients

Made with non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, and plant-based ingredients.

Reducing Waste

Every Common Grounds product takes “past crop” coffee beans from a roaster in Brooklyn, NY. “Past crop” is the unroasted coffee that has lost its flavor and can no longer be turned into a tasty espresso. By saving these beans from the trash, Common Grounds reduces waste.

Product Details
  • How to: Clothes off, in the shower, polish yourself rigorously, enjoy, rinse off. 
  • Each bag is worth 12+ scrubs
  • Removes dry, dull skin, softens & smoothes skin, hydrates, brightens & tones, detoxifies & rejuvenates
  • Reduces cellulite & stretch marks
  • Fades marks & scars, redefines pores, and helps combat acne & eczema
Fit + Measurements

4.5 oz


Himalayan pink salt (anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial), Grapeseed oil (reduces clogged pores), Coconut oil (rich in vitamin E), Brown sugar (exfoliates), Roasted coffee beans (tightens skin, reduces redness, aids collagen production).


/ 11.11.20


Common Grounds Coffee Scrub


On a mission to give your skin a wake up call.


  • Clean Ingredients

  • Reducing Waste

The skincare company that leaves complicated jargon and ingredients at the door, and uses our favorite wake-up call: coffee beans. Utilizing a no-waste mentality, Common Grounds takes the leftover coffee beans that will never see a triple-shot americano, and gives it a new life. Introducing a perfect coffee scrub that will leave your skin happy! Made from plant-based ingredients, Common Grounds scrubs are non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free.




Brooklyn, NY


Wayne Patterson & James