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M.G.M. Mask - 3 Pack - Black

Medium / Large

Chaptex masks are made to last, with a fiber structure and density that allows for an innovative mask design that is light-weight and provides protection and breathability.

Product Details: 

  • High-density construction
  • Superb durability & strength
  • Ultra-soft texture, no sewn edges
  • Same performance through 100's of washings
Fit and Measurements: 

Child: 5" x 4 " 
Medium/Large: 6" x 5" 
X-Large: 7" x 5"

Care Instructions: 

Lint-free, washable & reusable

About Chaptex:

Originally an industrial-grade cleaning product made for the Military forces, Chaptex brings to us over a decade of technology with their protective face masks. Made to last and protect us from COVID-19.

Verticale Value Set:

Local Craftsmanship: Made in the U.S.A. in it's North Carolina factory, Chaptex is a company born in this country, built to protect the country.