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CALM Feminine Wipes

Your V Needs a Facial
Calm and cleanse your most delicate area with clean ingredients that hydrate while eliminating unwanted bacteria. Unscented and without harsh chemicals, these feminine wipes provide you with clean comfort designed to last.
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Product Details
  • Use day and night, before and after sex, or whenever you need a touch up.
  • Balance bacteria while maintaining your natural PH
  • Ingredients: Prebiotics (reduces odor-causing bacteria), Vitamin E (hydrates). 
  • Benefits: good for sensitive skin, absorbs odor, removes bacteria and dirt
  • How to: Open the individual wrapped wipe. Cleanse and swipe the area.
Fit + Measurements
  • Single wipes in a 15, 30, or 45 pack
Care Instructions
  • Recycle after use

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Clean Ingredients

Each product is made with ingredients designed to help your body, not harm it. 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and aluminum-free!


Female founded, Busy Co products empower women to change beauty and self-care standards.

Reducing Waste

Committed to being zero waste throughout their production process: Busy Co uses fully compostable and biodegradable materials for after use, and uses a factory run entirely on wind power allowing for a low carbon footprint.

Responsible Materials


/ 02.16.21


Busy Co


On a mission to wipedown on the go.


  • Clean Ingredients

  • Women-Owned

  • Reducing Waste

  • Responsible Materials

Women are busy, if not with work, then with the unfair beauty standards that we’re held to– and Busy Co’s founder was sick of the hustle. Busy Co was founded on the desire to change time-consuming beauty standards. Feel your best without sacrificing time or the environment. Why stress when your “feminine” deodorant falls through in that 98º subway car? Exactly, you shouldn’t need to. ​​You also don’t have to worry about Busy Co’s materials, since all the wipes are compostable and made with clean ingredients leaving you refreshed in no time, literally.




New York, NY


Jamie Steenbakkers