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Free shipping & returns on all orders, always. Shop now. 🛒

Hello Hydration

by Blume

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The perfect pairing of Blumes Daydreamer and Whirl moisturizers.

These two products will leave you feeling soft and smooth while keeping your skin plump, even, and healthy all day and night long. 

Daydreamer gently hydrates, cleansing deeply without stripping your skin of oils. Whirl locks in hydration, nourishing your skin with powerful, natural ingredients.

About Blume

Built around creating a safe place for women to learn, grow, and become their badass selves, Blume provides products for handling your periods and puberty. Blume is a company that celebrates womanhood and provides transparency and advice on the good, the bad, and, yes, even the ugly that comes with it.

Verticale Values Details

Clean Ingredients: So many period products take centuries to biodegrade and have ingredients that can actually harm your body. Blume makes sure to provide clean ingredients that are not a threat to your body or the environment.

For Women, By Women: Blume products are here to change the way we talk about women's health and provide products and answers to topics that have been swept under the rug for way too long! Female founded, Blume continously empowers all to celebrate what it means to be a woman.