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Get it while it’s still hot and here. 🔥 Shop now.
Get it while it’s still hot and here. 🔥 Shop now.

Dancing Dew-O

Instagram Filters Could Never

Get your life together with this bundle, starting with your skincare. Moisturize and fight acne with this duo-step kit for perfectly dewey skin.

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Clean Ingredients

Many menstruation products are not easily biodegradable and actually have ingredients that can harm your body. Blume is making sure that’s not the case with their products, all of which are Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Alcohol Free, Gluten Free, and Added Fragrance Free.

For Women By Women

The sisters behind Blume want to change the way we talk about women's health by providing the products and answers to topics that have been swept under the rug for way too long!

Product Details
  • Included: Whirl Moisturizer + Meltdown Acne Oil
  • How to: Add a drop or two of Meltdown to your moisturizer for a full face treatment straight out of a spa day.
  • Always Vegan, Clean, Cruelty-Free
  • Meltdown Ingredients: Rosehip (soothes, fades dark spots), Blue Tansy (calms, soothes, repairs), Tamanu (reduces inflammation, kills bacteria), Black Cumin Seed (reduce redness, improve skin texture, anti-aging)
  • Moisturizer Ingredients: Prickly Pear Seed Oil (calms, retains elasticity, brightens), Hyaluronic Acid (plumps, hydrates), Aloe (reduces acne + dermatitis), Rosehip Oil (boost collagen, reduce redness), Grapeseed Oil (hydrates), Skullcap Root Extract (fights inflammation)


    / 11.11.20




    On a mission to embrace the feminine taboo.


    • Clean Ingredients

    • For Women By Women

    Taran and Bunny are the sisters behind Blume, the cornerstone of healthy (not perfect) skin and periods. Created to combat the embarrassing silence around the mundane: periods and acne! We all have it, and Blume refuses to pretend we don’t. With a focus on de-stigmatizing the feminine taboo, Blume looks towards a future of happier, healthier women who are confident in their body’s natural function.




    Vancouver, B.C.


    Certified Climate Neutral, Leaping Bunny Certified, FSC Certified, CertClean Certified, EWG Certified


    Taran & Bunny Ghatrora