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14K Love Knot Earrings

A modern take on the classic knot, a symbol of love and friendship. Let these earrings be a reminder of your connection. 
    Measurements and Materials:
    • 12.5x10 mm 
    • 14k recycled yellow gold
    • Sold as a pair
    Care Instructions: 

    We recommend cleaning it with a mild detergent or ammonia solution. Use a soft brush to gently get rid of any dirt, but avoid using an abrasive material as it can scratch the gold. Be sure to rinse and wipe clean.


    Founder and designer, Amanda Brotman is breaking down the retail model to bring you responsibly made jewelry without the lofty price markup. Amanda's Pacific Northwest roots and her time performing in the ballet serves as her inspiration for every piece. With natural, elegant lines and the brand's commitment to using responsible materials, AMANDA PEARL creates a modern and sensible approach to luxury. Passionate about supporting the thriving community of artisans in New York, AMANDA PEARL works with local businesses to create her small-batch, intentionally curated collections.

    Verticale Value Set:

    Local Craftsmanship: Each jewelry collection is designed and created in New York City's Diamond District. AMANDA PEARL is committed to working with the local family businesses and small workshops to keep New York's industry thriving. 

    Philanthropic: 10% of all sales go to a cause that changes quarterly, highlighting everything from civil rights to environmental issues. Currently, the cause is The Trust for Public Land.

    Reducing Waste: AMANDA PEARL creates small-batch, meaningful collections. 

    Responsible Materials: AMANDA PEARL uses recycled metals, ethical stones, and cultured pearls. Fun fact: cultivating cultured pearls is helpful in maintaining and improving a healthy water ecosystem. 

    Women's Empowerment: AMANDA PEARL is female-founded.