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Free shipping & returns on all orders, always. Shop now. 🛒

The Ultimate Bundle


Second dates are aways better anyway

The A to Z of Hair Care Have a taste of everything with this bundle, and get the glowing hair you deserve.
Product Details
  • Hair Cleanse: Nutrient-rich formula to gently cleanse and hydrate your hair.
  • Hair Conditioner: Nourishing formula that delivers nutrients and locks in moisture to your hair.
  • Scalp Detox: A vitamin-rich, oil-based treatment that is packed full of nourishing nutrients to cleanse and moisturize your scalp
  • Plant-Based Dry Shampoo: Mineral-rich, plant-based dry shampoo formulated with organic rice and tapioca powder to absorb oil efficiently and detox hair.
  • Stem Cell Serum: A potent serum with the self-rejuvenating power of plant stem cells and antioxidant-rich leaf extracts that work together to reduce hair fallout, drying, and thinning. 
  • Restorative Hair Mask:   A deep conditioning hair mask rich in proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants that help to restore dry and damaged hair.
  • Scalp Renew: Salicylic acid works to gently remove build-up around the hair follicle and Peppermint oil provides immediate relief from a dry, itchy scalp. 
Fit + Measurements
  • Hair Cleanse: 10 oz
  • Hair Conditioner: 10 oz
  • Scalp Detox: 3 oz
  • Plant-Based Dry Shampoo: 0.46 oz (13g)
  • Stem Cell Serum: 2.2 oz
  • Restorative Hair Mask: 4.5 oz
  • Scalp Renew: 1.2 fl oz (35 ml)