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Free shipping, always 🛒
Free shipping, always 🛒
Welcome to a women-led future

The Helm Shop Has A New Home With Us.

We’re on a mission to elevate women-owned brands more than ever before. That’s why we’ve partnered up with The Helm to expand our focus on women-owned brands. Merging our two worlds only made sense.

Female Founded

Women-led brands on the rise

Today, less than 3% of venture capital is allocated toward female founders. This funding crisis for women means that it’s harder for them to raise the capital required to start companies, build teams and to employ other women. At The Verticale we are deeply committed to shining a light on innovative female founded brands breaking barriers.


Founder: Shavaun Christian

Spoken Flames


Shavaun founded the venn diagram of mental health, aromatherapy, and spoken word.


Founders: Annabel Love + Courtney Toll



The hardware industry has long been male-dominated (at 70%). Courtney and Annabel look to take back the reins, and empower both men and women through the art of looking good.


Founders: Divya Gugnani + Lindsay Ellingson

Wander Beauty


Divya and Lindsey founded Wander Beauty to help the modern-day, on-the-go woman take care of her skin with a simple, clean routine.


Founders: Ariel Pasternak + Atara Bernstein

Pineapple Collaborative


Ariel Pasternak and Atara Bernstein had worked in the food industry for years, hosting events which highlighted women of the industry, before founding the Pineapple Collaborative.


Founder: Taylor Long

Nomads Swimwear


Taylor Long is a woman who loves travel, photography, and design. She’s combined her interests and experiences to create a haven for women of all walks of life.


Founder: Chrissy Lavdovsky



Chrissy Lavdovsky lives a golden life, from the moment her start-up took root on her kitchen floor to the dedicated team she surrounds herself with today.


Founder: Rooshy Roy



Rooshy is inspired by the Indian beauty rituals her grandmother taught her as a kid.


Founders: Alexandra Fine + Janet Lieberman



Alexandra and Janet created Dame with female sexual wellness in mind. Dame is for all people with vulva's to gain pleasure in the bedroom, similarly and at the same rate as their cis male counterparts.


Founder: Phoebe Kunitomi



Phoebe created okko to empower women with comfort. No more itchy thong flossings or uncomfortable bras– feel invincible with invisible underwear.


Founder: Rana Argenio

10 Grove


Rana knows good bedding, and works closely with her Texan factory to ensure every bedsheet comes out just right.

Our Commitment

Starting in 2022 we will be housing a variety of innovative, game-changing, women-owned brands that originally lived on The Helm's Shop.

Lindsey Taylor Wood and Julie Weber of The Helm will continue to drive the future of conscious shopping by joining our team as advisors and advocates of female founders, diversity, inclusivity, sustainability, and the social impact that we stand for.

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