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Free shipping, always 🛒

About us

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The Verticale

reimagining a conscious tomorrow

We curate human-first brands dedicated to making a difference.



At The Verticale we aspire to make online retail a better place. With values at the forefront, we highlight the brands worthy of taking up space in your lives - whether they’re wrapped around your wrists, sitting on top of your bookcase or pulled over your latest oversized tee.

We are intentional about our curation process, vetting brands for:
  1. Verticale Values-approved, creating a better tomorrow
  2. Trusted quality
  3. Human-first with authenticity and inclusivity at their core
With conviction, we stand behind these brands and tell their stories, one inspirational founder at a time. Our community of real people drives us and inspires us every day. All are welcome here. We invite you to join our movement, lead with intention and shop for what you stand for.


Without integrity, our actions are meaningless. That’s why our team always aims to stand up for what’s right, with the goal of navigating the world openly and honestly alongside our community. By leading with values we willingly hold ourselves to higher standards - the good news is, we aren’t afraid to raise the bar. Although we can’t promise to be without our own missteps, we find strength in honesty. We are committed to putting our community first through transparency in our words, actions and intentions -- always and no matter the consequence.


A lot has changed since The Verticale first began. We didn’t set out to launch a values-driven company. Rather, it found us along the way.

We’ve been fortunate to spend much of our time getting to know brand founders, and over time it’s impacted our perspective. With every inspiring brand we met, and humanized founder story we heard, it became clear that values are the bar that sets these better brands apart. We started seeing our own habits shift, suddenly paying attention to the materials in our clothes, the ingredients in our products, and the equality of founders across the industry. Soon enough labels like sustainability and ethical practice weren’t cutting it. We wanted to understand what it meant and why it mattered.

We added an expert to our advisory team, challenged ourselves to learn more and together defined a set of criteria that legitimately separates well-intentioned, purposeful brands from those that are not. We call these standards the Verticale Values. Our values are only as good as our actions. That’s why we’ve pledged 1% of every sale toward causes that positively impact the world. Here’s to always raising the bar and working toward a better tomorrow.

Founders, Jaclyn Grauman & Michelle Silverstein