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Reusable Nipple Covers


An essential wardrobe hero, okko's nipple covers are sophisticated and clever, just like the woman that wears them, promising the basically-naked coverage that any #knockout outfit needs where bras are a no-go.

Product Details: 

  • Luxurious matte finish
  • Tapered edges that lay perfectly flat on your skin
  • Beautiful storage box 
  • Adhesive, medical-grade silicone
  • 3" diameter 
Fit & Measurements:

okko Size Guide

About okko:

okko stands for ‘OUR KIND OF KNOCK OUT’. Inspired by the Asian minimalism it's founder grew up around as the daughter of Korean parents, she created okko with the effortlessly confident woman in mind. okko's designs and bodywear are made to last all day in comfort and are intentionally effortlessly straightforward. A foundation you can rely on, okko is meant for everything from big life experience to even the most casual moments in between.

Verticale Value Set:

Women's Empowerment: okko is made to make women feel comfortable like confident. Bodywear that is functional and for everyone.

Diverse Founders: okko Founder is of Korean descent.

Inclusivity & Individuality: okko is made for all body types, and all women, embracing their bodies and their confidence within them. 

Reducing Waste: okko is all about using as few materials as possible and living a minimalist life, which, in its own reduces waste on our planet.