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dripstick is the first after-sex clean up product of its kind. It’s a sponge made out of soft, medical grade material and will quickly mop up all the excess fluids internally so you can move on with your day (or night)! 

All orders ship in 100% discreet packaging. 

DISCLAIMER: dripstick is not a form of birth control, STD/STI protection, or a menstruation product. only use dripstick if there are excess fluids present in your vagina. if you are feeling sensitive or sore to the touch, use extra caution or wait until there is less sensitivity. 

Care Instructions
  1. Grip the handle with one hand. 
  2. While seated, slowly and carefully insert the sponge into the vaginal canal. Maintain a grip on the handle. 
  3. Gently twist dripstick while inserted in the vaginal canal as necessary. 
  4. Use the handle to slowly and carefully remove the sponge from the vaginal canal. 
  5. If excess fluids remain, repeat steps #1-4 with a new dripstick. 
  6. If you're having trouble with insertion, wait a minute for gravity to do its thing! Think about it like this — if the cum is deposited pretty deep inside of you and hasn't slid down yet, there is nothing for the sponge to absorb or slide against. 

*friendly reminder to always pee after sex to avoid UTIs!

    About Awkward Essentials

    The dripstick - the after sex essential you never knew you needed, until right now. Frances Tang, just like all other women out there, tackled post-sex clean-up like a champ, but she was left wondering could this be easier? more hygienic? or just, overall better? Frances, the mastermind behind Awkward Essentials, decided it was time to create products that help make women's lives a little easier. The dripstick is made with super soft, medical-grade sponge that quickly soaks up all the excess fluids internally so you can move on with your day (or night)! Say goodbye to those surprise drips and say hello to clean confidence!

    Verticale Values Details

    Clean Ingredients: The sponge is made from medical-grade polyurethane (this is the same material as some condoms, the contraceptive sponge, and various hospital instruments!) and there are no harmful additives.

    For Women, By Women: Awkard Essentials is a female-founded company, for women, for a problem only people with vaginas experience.