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Free shipping & returns on all orders, always. Shop now. 🛒

Jaclyn's Top 25 Verticale-Approved Recs

I often get asked why I created The Verticale. It all started because I felt drawn to a world of brands that embodied a human-centric approach and values that aligned with me personally, but I struggled to keep track of them and to know what to trust. I believe that it should be much easier to shop better brands and wanted to create the trusted destination for newness and discovery. So, my curation of products are my top go-to products from our site that I have personally tested out, love using and seeing around my home, and would recommend to my closest friends. As founders, Michelle (my co-founder) and I aim to try out products from our brands so that the quality and brand experience is trusted. We have tried a lot of stuff out there, and only the best of the best makes it to The Verticale, so the standards are pretty damn high for everything include in my curation below.

Some things worth knowing:

  • Pluto Pillow - this pillow is the comfiest thing and has contributed to me sleeping infinitely better over the past year. I can no longer go anywhere without it and am now one of those people who shows up for a trip with my own pillow in hand. 
  • Getting a Hair Towel has actually changed my life. I'm not sure what I was doing running around with a heavy towel on my head for the past 30 years. This is so much more comfortable and my hair dries much faster. 
  • I wear my French Terry Sweatpants from Graceful District to death - in fact, I will do an entire load of laundry to get these back in the mix. For me, they're the perfect alternative to leggings because I can wear them with any length top (no extra long legging-appropriate shirts required), they're looser and airier than leggings and most importantly, they have pockets. Game changer. I've sold my sister, mom and about 5 friends on buying these and no one has regretted it. 
  • Some background on the men's products here - I've stolen my husband's HeTime masks, have tried out his Huron eye stick (love the cooling feeling) and am obsessed with how he looks in Mantra shirts

Any Qs or thoughts on the goods here? Find me @jaclyngrauman and feel free to DM me with any thoughts. 

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