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Free shipping, always 🛒
Meet the Brand

Felix Gray

Blue light is everywhere but it is especially in the phones that hold our lives, in the computers we’re supposed to be working from, and in the TVs that we regularly throw popcorn at. Overall, our life and humanity is centered around devices that are essentially hurting us. Felix Gray knows that no one is limiting their computer time to an hour (not even toddlers do that), and instead innovated a solution that will work just as hard as we do. Felix Gray glasses filter 15x more bluelight than others, saving us from digital eye straight, sleep pattern disruption, and eye damage. So, Feel safe stalking your exes because the fake glasses trend is in..


/ 09.22.21


Felix Gray


On a mission to stop eyes from feeling blue.


  • Ethical Production

    Felix Gray has a third party calculate and ensure that production partners pay their employees a living wage.

  • Mental Health & Mindfulness

    Excess intake of blue light (which you definitely have unless you stay inside and only communicate via morse code) can lead to digital eye strain, headaches, sleep pattern disruption, and eye damage. Felix Gray Glasses support wellness by filtering out 15x more blue light, protecting your eyes all day long.




David Roger & Chris Benedict


New York, NY



Felix Gray

David started Felix Gray only two years out of college, after he started getting intense eye strain from staring excel documents half the day at his first job. With a fresh idea and a passion for good eye health, David teamed with Chris, and the rest is history.