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It’s fair to say we’ve all been a lot more cautious of our daily health issues lately; there has been no shortage in the rise of hypochondria in all of us. Finding natural alternatives to the over-the-counters we typically leech off of during flu-season could just be the best-kept secret to keeping good mind and good health this year. (Seriously, how much more can we take.)

To get you the best lowdown on all things natural medicinal alternatives, we chatted with Hilma founders, Lily, Nina, and Hilary to get to know more about their supplements and the power behind nature’s most powerful remedies— all clinically tested and approved BTW.


We love that Hilma is providing natural medicinal alternatives backed by clinicians—what inspired you to enter this route of healthcare?

Lily: The idea for Hilma was inspired by a moment when I wasn’t feeling well, and had asked my now co-founder, Nina Mullen, if she had anything to take. Nina pulled out one of the common Immune Support products we’re all familiar with—bright orange, crazy packaging, full of sugar—and we just had this ‘aha’ moment of ‘why are we taking this?’ It felt so incongruous with all of the other products we were buying—from food to skincare to cleaning products—and it made us re-examine everything in our medicine cabinets with fresh eyes.

We immediately brought this to our third co-founder, Hilary Quartner, who has amazing experience in the natural products space, and the three of us became obsessed with this gap in the market. On one end of the spectrum, we saw these tired OTC brands that we’ve all been using for decades, but that really hadn’t evolved to meet the changing landscape of consumers. And on the other end, we saw the more “crunchy” herbal space, which might meet our clean label standards, but can be incredibly difficult to navigate, and rarely met our standard of scientific backing to earn our trust. We saw a huge opportunity to bridge the gap between the two, and reimagine the medicine cabinet with natural remedies that were scientifically backed and accessible.


How are typical over-the-counter treatments different from natural plant-based supplements?

Nina: First of all, typical OTC products usually include drugs. Hilma is naturally drug-free. Beyond that, we also have an extensive ‘no list’ of unnecessary or harmful ingredients that can often be found in traditional OTC—things like dyes, fillers, added sugars, and artificial preservatives.

All of our products are made with natural ingredients that are All of our products are made with natural ingredients that are supported by clinical research. We also run our own clinical studies on our products, and are thrilled to be able to share those results with our community (and any skeptics!).


These days, keeping your health and immunity is on the top of our minds. Do you have any insider insights heading into the winter?

Hilary: We often hear the term ‘immune support’ thrown around as if there is a quick fix or silver bullet, but that’s not the case. There is no magic pill—supporting your immune system is about consistent healthy habits, and an integrated approach. Research shows that there are five key pillars to keep your immune system strong—getting enough sleep, managing your stress, exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet and taking supplements like Hilma Immune Support where diet falls short. As the seasons change, we recommend taking your Hilma Immune Support in hot water daily to keep your system strong.

And get your flu shot!

Immune Support



Lots of us have hopped on trends: turmeric to help with inflammation, cherry juice to sleep, matcha for metabolism—are the benefits really true? And what are some other antioxidant rich ingredients we can add to our everyday routines?

Nina: Totally understand that--there are so many wellness trends, it can be hard to keep up! At Hilma, we don’t focus on trends--instead we rely on what the research tells us. We will only use ingredients in our products that have clinical research behind them, and beyond that, we actually run our own clinical studies on our products themselves. This is actually incredibly important, because ingredient research only tells part of the story.

Herbs tend to work together synergistically, which means that their combined effect can often be more powerful than in isolation. So it’s incredibly important to study the complete formulation to get an accurate picture of it’s impact on the body.

Sharing some highlights of the benefits of some of our favorite ingredients below.

✓ Camu Camu - Camu Camu is rich in Vitamin C—it actually has one of the highest Vitamin C contents of any plant. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, and strengthens the immune system. Camu Camu also has other compounds like flavonoid antioxidants (including anthocyanins and ellegic acid). Together, these nutrients have been clinically shown to combat damage caused by free radicals. Camu Camu is the source of Vitamin C in Hilma’s Immune Support.

✓ White Willow Bark - This is a fascinating ingredient, because it is a source of salicylates. Salicylic acid is the active ingredient in Aspirin, and this bark is actually how Aspirin was discovered. It’s a key ingredient in Hilma Tension Relief.

✓ Chamomile - Chamomile is great for promoting digestion. Clinical research has shown that Chamomile helps relax the muscles in your stomach, which soothes and eases the digestive process. That’s why we include it in Hilma’s Upset Stomach Relief.

Upset Stomach Relief



One of our favorite questions: We cover the new era of mission-driven, internet-born retail brands, and we trust you’ve tried a few—can you share some of your top picks and why?

Lily: We most certainly have!! We are big fans of other ‘better-for-you’, clean-label brands like Magic Spoon, Cure, Clean Cult, Cocokind, and Olipop. We share a mission with each of these brands to create an easily accessible, cleaner option to a traditional product that you can actually trust to work.




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