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Investment banker by day and fitness instructor by morning, Madelaine O'Connell, is committed to finding time for movement of some kind every day. Madelaine understands that physical well-being ultimately translates into your mental health, and so they go hand in hand.  

“I chose products that fit into my day to day life as a woman, corporate professional and fitness instructor. When curating my selection I focused on things that could easily fit into my busy schedule in a meeting, in a fitness class or back home with my family. I focused on what makes me feel and look my best so that I can put 100% of myself into everything I want to achieve.”




For Meeting Hydration Goals

I believe in drinking 100 oz of water daily and the bkr Fifth Ave water bottle is the perfect to meet that goal daily!


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The Ultimate Refresher

This is the perfect product to wake me up and get me going no matter where I am - on the mat, in the office, on the way to drinks. I love just spritzing my face with or without makeup anytime I need a pick me up!


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A Chic and Practical Accessory

A watch is absolutely essential when you are at an in person work meeting. You can't keep looking at your iphone and you need to make sure your presentation stays on track. This is the perfect watch for your meetings but also is trendy enough to wear to after work cocktails with the girls!


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On-the-go Glow

The perfect product for working out and then going straight to the office! Who has time to shower everyday? ha seriously though! Sometimes you just need a body wipe, some dry shampoo, makeup and you're out the door to grab that coffee (which is obviously needed everyday!) These keep me feeling refreshed and clean all day long.

Busy Co

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A Warm Weather Staple

The perfect work from home, morning coffee, afternoon girls drink shorts! They look elevated yet are super comfortable and can add that little bit of NYC fashion to any mundane day. One of my favorite casual looks!

Yes And

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All Day Comfy Lounging

Because yes you should still look cute and feel good in bed! I'm all about comfort when it comes to pajamas and these hit the spot while also being super cute and help me feel well rested after a long day of work and fun.

Yes And

Sold out


A Candle for the Perfect Mood

A candle elevates any space. Whether it is just a work Zoom call or you have friends over having a great scented candle going creates the perfect mood.

Isle de Nature

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Something that got me where I am today...

I think my work ethic is what has gotten me to where I am today. Putting 100% into everything i do whether it is work, side hustle, friends or family is very important to me. Also some advice I have taken to heart over the years is that your reputation is your brand and best asset so stay honest and be humble.

I’m passionate about...

I'm very passionate about moving your body every single day, even when you don't think you have the time! We are very lucky to be able to move and taking that time to take care of yourself physically and mentally is so important.

What I’m...

👁️   The Crown on Netflix
📖   In Five Years by Rebecca Serle
🎧   Just always making playlists for classes - pop and hip hop!

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