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Chef and culinary stylist, Ashton Keefe, believes her philosophy on cooking can be applied to all aspects of her life: less is more and quality ingredients count for a lot. As a business owner, Keefe believes now more than ever before, that whole, natural, and sustainable ingredients and products will her feel her absolute best in all areas of her life.

“I choose products that reflect my style as a woman and a chef. For years, in this highly male-driven atmosphere, I attempted to be a tougher more masculine version of myself to fit in. Inauthenticity only gets you so far! The moment I turned inwards and started to share my softness, my femininity, my work took off and it's no wonder, I was finally being myself in the kitchen. When curating my selection I focused on things that made me feel not only like myself but make me better and more efficient at my job, while doing good on a larger scale.”




The Most Stylish and Practical Accessory

Being in the kitchen and having your phone (or computer for that matter) is nearly impossible. In order to stay as focused as possible, I love being able to tell the time in a way that expresses my personal style (natural & feminine) while remaining focused at the task on hand, without the distraction of texts, emails or calls.


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A Super Versatile Romper

I love clothing items that allow me to express my style while being versatile enough to be kitchenware. I LOVE a Canadian tuxedo and live for in both day and night, this romper makes that even easier, chicer and more sustainable.

Yes And

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Hydration Made Easy

Water, water, water. There's nothing that sustains you more during a long day of cooking or being on your feet more than water. True to my profession, I drank for years out of plastic quart containers but I love this sleek, sexy and sustainable version of pumping yourself full of hydration.


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The Only Makeup You'll Ever Need

I'm pretty quick and easy when it comes to makeup and over the years have worked hard to find more sustainable and green products for my skin. I grew up with terrible acne and for years wanted to be a dermotologist - unfortunately my aptitude for math and science didn't align! I love Paris at 7 PM because they go on quickly and safely and immediately give you a sophiscated looked.

Madame Gabriela

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Natural Hair Therapy

I've become a big fan of more natural hair products. My hair goes through the ringer between the amount of elements in experiences in a kitchen and then when I'm on sets with hair products and heat.


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For the Shiniest Hair Ever

I love using this Mekabu Conditioner, in addition to the shampoo, to restore my hair back to it's original healthy and shine.


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All Day Hydration

Keeping the area around my eyes hydrated all day long is a must. This product is light and impactful.


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Something that got me where I am today...

Show up early, stay late, remember people's name, do the right thing always even when no one will see or notice, become a problem solver, network, don't take no for an answer and view the world optimisitically.

I’m passionate about...

Making a small impact through everyday actions. Waking up everyday I strive to do and be a little better. In the way I talk to myself, to those around me, who I include, what I use and what I put in my body. I truly believe that cooking in an act of love and by cooking and teaching people how to cook - while in the process of using better-for-the-world-products - I believe that love can spread.

What I’m...

👁️   Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy
📖   "East of Eden" by John Steinbeck
🎧   Bryce Vine, Kygo, The Lumineers

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