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Women’s multivitamins reinvented
August 11, 2019
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'Take your vitamins' is something we've all been told to do once or twice (thanks, mom). But as we've started becoming more aware of what we put on and in our bodies, we have a lot of questions about multivitamins. Do we really need one? Can't we get what we need from our food? What's in this magical, all-purpose pill, anyway? The facts surrounding multivitamins can be confusing, but Ritual has changed all that by giving us expertly researched vitamins, backed by science and conveniently delivered right to our doorsteps. And good news - Ritual is so transparent about their ingredients that they’ve actually made them clear so we can literally see what’s inside (with Ritual, The Future Of Vitamins Is Clear).

Founder and CEO, Katerina Schneider, started Ritual when she was pregnant and stopped to research what the average vitamin was really made up of. We don’t want you to lose your lunch, but just know that some of those ingredients included PVP (a binder ingredient often found in mascaras and hair products), Shellac (an elegant way of describing Beetle poop), sheepswool and artificial colorants. Gross. Katerina launched Ritual to change all that.    

Ritual takes a less is more approach with their formulas, including only the 9 ingredients you really need. You won't find everything plus the kitchen sink here. Their formula fills the gaps in your diet with essentials that support organ health, maintain energy and immunity, and help you age well from within (note: this is not anti-aging, but more healthy aging. Because that's what counts, right?). There is full transparency into their globally-sourced ingredients and you can even see exactly where all the ingredients come from, which is something fans of Ritual love!

In addition to the Essential for Women, Ritual now makes a prenatal vitamin for you soon-to-be mamas out there. As a refresher, Katerina started Ritual when she was 4 months pregnant, so it’s only natural that they recently launched the Essential Prenatal. This powerhouse prenatal vitamin contains the 12 nutrients essential for healthy brain, organ and tissue development - made to support both you and your baby.

Ritual is run by women, so you know these girls have got your back. They've thought of everything when it comes to their vitamins, including formulating a no-nausea capsule that's gentle on empty stomachs (expecting moms, you know how crucial this is!). There's even a little lemon or mint-scented tab in the bottle that keeps things fresh. And bonus - these adorable vitamins taste like minty treats (unlike those fishy tasting horse pills you’ve been throwing back).  

Time to toss out that generic bottle of multivitamins and switch to a product you know you can trust. 

Here’s everything you should know about Ritual:

✓   Monthly subscription service — the multivitamin is $30/month and the prenatal vitamin is $35/month

✓   Vegan-friendly, gluten and allergen free, with no colorants, synthetic fillers or GMOs

✓   Less is more — only contains what you really need

✓   Encapsulated pill design delivers nutrients more efficiently

✓   No-naseau capsule that's gentle on empty stomachs

✓   Full transparency into their globally-sourced ingredients

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