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They Have Us Saying Peace Out, Pink Tax
August 1, 2019
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You’ve probably heard of Flamingo, Billie, and Oui razors - and if you haven’t, well, that’s what we’re here for. There’s no doubt that they’re doing things better than those overpriced razors locked up behind cages at your local Duane Reade. For starters, you don’t need to track someone down behind the pharmacy counter just to get some blade refills, so things are definitely looking up. 

Made to accomodate women’s sensitive skin and busy lifestyles, these online brands are doing things differently by making incredible product and feel-good brands you can get behind - and shipping them straight to your front door. So when you’re rushing to get ready for that first date, you won’t ever again be subjected to a dull blade simply because you forgot to buy new ones (or put it off in an attempt to keep your CVS bill from breaking $100...always a goal). But really, who has time for that headache of razor burns, stubbles, and pink bumps? Ugh, not us. 

Let’s do ourselves a favor and talk about fair pricing too. If you’re woke about Pink Taxes (refresher: the fact that we pay more for consumer goods just because we’re women, on average 7% more, which nets out to an estimated $40K of added expenses if you were born in 1989), then you’ll appreciate that these brands have done their part by making prices fair. For example, let’s talk about Flamingo, the sister brand to Harry’s, which charges the same exact  price of $9 for the women’s Flamingo Razor as they do for their men's Truman razor. Plus their refill packs start under $10.  And as always, we’ve got options. If you’re looking for something a little more long-lasting and sustainable (for our dear friend mother earth) then you can try Oui - a bigger investment of $75 but it’s a pretty rose gold color and will last a lifetime with reasonably priced refills at $11. Did we mention it’s pretty?

While we’re at it, we have to talk about Billie too - the brand changing the tone by celebrating body hair, rather than shaming you for it. So what you decide to do with that hair of yours is 100% up to you. They’ve rejected the notion  that there’s any one way of approaching body hair, and they even started the #projectbodyhair to prove it. It’s your body, and you should do what feels right, right? Right. And if you’re down to shave, they’ve got everything you need. 

So let’s #axthepinktax and try one of these razor brands we keep seeing on Instagram. Spoiler alert: all 3 brands also make shaving products that won’t leave you feeling like you just stumbled out of Bath & Body Works. Yesssss, it’s go time. 


Meet Flamingo– the razor taking things to a whole new level with soft pastel colors that'll go perfectly in your shower. Flamingo was created by Harry’s employees, Allie and Brittania, to give women the same reliable shave men were getting. Thanks to Harry’s owned factories in Germany, Flamingo razors are made with women’s soft, beautiful skin in mind. A light aloe strip and rounded edges makes those quick in-a-rush shaving sessions a breeze. And a quick fyi, Flamingo’s launched a wax kit– perfect for those pesky upper lip hairs that always seem to peek out when you least expect it. Don’t forget to add their post shave moisturizer to your cart too- it’s water based so it feels refreshing AF after a steamy shower.

The Goods

✓  Ergonomic Razor Handle

✓  German engineered five blade cartridge

✓  Aloe Vera Strips

✓  Conditioning emollients in shave gel

✓  Made without parabens, mineral oil, or petrochemicals

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  Cruelty Free

✓  Wax Guide for safety/use tips

✓  Dermatologist tested


Billie is bringing transparency to the shaving industry. Made by women, for women, Billie’s products are easy to use and hassle free when it comes to buying. No more panicking because you forgot to pick up a pack of razors– the Starter Kit will cost you $9 and you can have it delivered to your door. Billie makes the shaving process something to look forward to (who would think, right) and their infamous magnetic handle and proper spacing means your razor can stay in the shower and never get clogged. Here’s another plus, Billie knows that we’ve got to embrace our hair and take care of our bodies, so their shower products are all natural - and they smell heavenly too.

The Goods

✓  360 degree charcoal soap lining around the blades

✓  Ergonomic handle

✓  Stainless steel blade

✓  No parabens or sulfates 

✓  No synthetic fragrance 

✓  Never tested on animals

✓  Subscription based on your shaving preferences

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  No pink tax

✓  By women, for women

✓  Donates 1% of sales to women’s causes around the world

✓  Promoting transparency by putting products on the EWG Deep Database


Oui Shave has got us like Oui Oui, if you catch our drift. Oui makes a single edge razor - and okay yes, that does sound a bit intimidating but read on. Karen, Oui’s founder wanted to make ingrown hairs a thing of the past, and also wanted to avoid adding more plastic razors to landfills every year. That’s why Oui razors are designed to last forever. They’re made for women with thick, coarse or curly hair - because Oui knows our body hair isn’t a one-kind-fits-all situation. For all of our ladies with sensitive skin, this is definitely the option to consider.

The Goods

✓  Great for thick, coarse, curly hair

✓  Rose gold stainless steel razor

✓  Full of information for when to change the blade and a how-to

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  One singular razor is more sustainable than disposables

✓  Made by women, for women

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Image Credit: Flamingo, @kasierose_ @meetflamingo @laurajung @polkachelli/ Billie, @waityouneedthis @billie Billie/ Oui, @uncovertheglow @ouishave

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