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June 7, 2019
June 6, 2019
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Cue the past few years when jewelry brands started talking about transparency. Thank the retail heavens they entered the scene and upended the confusing jewelry experience. They have it all - beautiful designs, quality gold, fair prices and ethical diamonds. What’s not to love?

No more scratching your brain, wondering which styles are solid gold or gold vermeil – and most importantly, no more salesmen trying to sell you overpriced jewelry while offering on-the-spot “discounts”. Because the truth is, major brands markup their jewelry 8-10x the actual cost. Yes, you read that right. So the next time a salesmen is whispering in your ear about getting 10% off a piece of jewelry that’s marked up 800%, you can tell him to save his breath. You know the way.

We’ve rounded up our most trusted jewelry brands – the ones speaking our language that always offer the same fair prices. In our eyes they can do no wrong, and maybe that’s because they’ve built their businesses for you - not the men buying for you. They’re women-founded and women-run, making them extra qualified to design the jewelry you’ll covet.

Scroll down for our top list of brands and be sure to check out The Goods section to cross-compare brands you’re into. Then go ahead, and spoil yourself. You deserve it.

Vrai & Oro

Bold, beautiful and sustainable too. Vrai & Oro is especially transparent – they hold their materials to the highest standards by using solid gold only (never filled, plated or vermeil) – and they ensure ethical production practices by making everything with local manufacturers right in sunny LA. The brand has made ongoing efforts to reduce waste; from gold sourcing to packaging – and their stunning diamond collection is even traceable too.

The Goods

✓ Made in LA

✓ Solid gold only, 14k + 18k (yellow, white & rose)

✓ Engagement ring collection

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Transparent, ethical production

✓ Earth-friendly practices that reduce waste

✓ Conflict-free, traceable diamonds from the Diamond Foundry


Mejuri believes that luxury should be a part of your everyday, and hell, we agree. Known for ethical production practices, the brand offers a variety of materials so you’ve got options when it comes to price. Materials range from 14K solid gold to 925 sterling silver and gold vermeil (refresher: vermeil is much thicker than gold plating and ensures long lasting color). So it’s your call to decide when to splurge and when to save.

The Goods

✓   Solid 14K gold + gold vermeil

✓   Genuine stones

✓   Lifetime guarantee

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Ethical production practices

✓   Conflict-free diamonds


The founders of AUrate spent a year searching the globe looking for the world’s best master jewelers – and eventually found them in their hometown of NYC where they’ve handmade their jewelry ever since. They’ve earned our trust by raising ethical and environmental standards – all so you don’t have to choose between doing good and high prices. Don’t we love when we can have it all? From statement pieces to classic staples - all original designs made by expert craftsmen.

The Goods

✓ Handmade in NYC

✓ Solid gold in 14k & 18k & gold vermeil

✓ S1-clarity diamonds

✓ Freshwater pearls AAA-grade & Akoya pearls

✓ Home try on

✓ Lifetime warranty

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Ethical production practices

✓ 100% recycled gold

✓ Donate books through Mastery Charter partnership

Kinn Studios

Kinn Studios creates modern family heirlooms built to last. Their aesthetic merges simplistic designs with unexpected eye-catching elements. The brand keeps things simple by using yellow gold only, which makes their website easy to navigate – and fall in love with. We’re especially big fans of their unique asymmetrical baroque pearls, which are sure to catch some stares at your next dinner party. So go on, we know you aren’t against stealing a few compliments.

The Goods

✓ Handmade in LA

✓ Solid gold only, 14k & 18k

✓ Real metals & real gems

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓ Transparent materials

✓ For women, by women

Image Sources: Vrai & Oro, @jenniferwisnoski / Meijuri, @ch.phr8ph, @saraahbass, @sarahhsol / AUrate / Kinn Studios

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