Just launched: Burrow’s Sleep Kit

You'll have the go-to crash pad
August 21, 2019

We know what you’re thinking– your apartment is barely big enough for you, who needs to start inviting people to stay over? Or maybe you really wanna have that late night go-to crash pad, but that futon from Wayfair is just not cutting it. Lucky for us, Burrow has got a game-changer up their sleeves– but actually, it’s quite fitting since they’re already dedicated to making furniture for real life. And if you don’t have a Burrow couch– don’t stress. The Sleep Kit fits over most three cushion couches.

We already love Burrow’s couches (you can sneak a peek at our sofa roundup for more info), but now they’ve introduced The Sleep Kit– Burrow’s way of making crashing for the night a breeze for both parties. It’s everything you need, mattress topper, sheets, blanket, a pillow, and even an eye mask because it’s only the best for your house guests, no questions asked. Did we mention it all fits in one easy-to-store bag? Yeah it’s really just that simple. Need more details? We’ve got you covered: 

✓   Memory foam topper regulates body temperature and provides ergonomic support, sizing (28" x 78" x 9.25")

✓   Fitted sheet is made to fit perfectly over topper and Burrow’s Nomad couch cushions (also most three cushion couches), sizing (28" x 78")

✓   Medium-weight cotton quilt sized for the perfect amount of warmth, sizing (83" x 53")

✓   Pillow is slightly smaller but just as comfy– for storage sake

✓   Eye mask keeps any light out in case your living room is a bit sunnier than your bedroom

✓   Fits in one bag (provided by Burrow) for easy storage

✓   Phone pocket on the side for easy access

P.S. This isn’t just for house guests. If you’re banished to the couch for the night (you know what you did), at least this will get you some decent shut eye. We’ve all been there, you’re welcome.

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Image Credits: Burrow, Mashable @burrow/

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