Just Dropped: Everlane Men’s Uniform

A collection of basics with unparalleled quality and a 365-day guarantee
September 11, 2019

When it comes to shopping, it’s about time we get all of these options. But damn, it’s so overwhelming. We get it, and so does Everlane. That’s why they launched Uniform. It’s simple, durable, and it just makes sense. Their newly launched men’s Uniform Collection (of only 12 essential items) has gone above and beyond with testing quality to ensure you can wear every piece every single day. Each item in the collection promises the following:

✓   50 wash cycles (15 times more than your average company washes)

✓   11 quality tests in abrasion resistance, pilling or shrinking– because sometimes life gets rough, or we accidentally slip things in the dryer 

✓   117 test fittings, because it’s about time we get clothes that fit us ALL the way we deserve

✓   365-day guarantee, because shit happens and free replacements are the bomb

Uniform is also changing the way we have to shop– yes, we know that’s the dreaded four letter word. We all know how buying clothes usually goes; by the time you’re ready to refresh your closet, your go-to brands have changed the cut just a touch so it’s not the same perfect fit (talk about the real reason behind all of our trust issues). But now, Everlane has embedded a QR code in every Uniform tag so you can reorder, check for new colors, or find out more about Everlane’s attention to quality. In summary, nothing will ever change on you. 100% reliability, 365-days a year. Get ittt.

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Image Credit: Everlane, Everlane

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