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June 6, 2019
June 6, 2019
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This is the age of travel and you don’t have to look hard to find endless proof that our generation is trotting the globe more than those that came before us. In fact, it’s even become a part of our existence. And as we head off to explore the world, we need luggage designed to stay by our side, stand the test of time and heal our traveling woes. Because our Thai Island adventure shouldn’t be the story of how our luggage zipper split on the ferry from Koh Tao to Koh Samui. We had something better in mind.

Even if you aren’t in the market for new travel companions at the moment, we recommend getting to know these brands - mainly because their Instagram feeds are a gateway to planning your next adventure. And the good news is whenever you’re ready, you have loads of options - from hardside to softside luggage, backpacks and weekenders. We’ve taken the liberty of rounding up all the facts so you can compare, make a decision, and get back to what’s important. Because those Airbnbs ain’t booking themselves.

For options, details and more, look no further. Because we’re pretty sure we just heard Wanderlust calling your name.


We’re big fans of Away, so this is gonna be hard to sum up. Away set out to make premium luggage accessible, and in the process, built a brand that inspires real life connections, eye-opening experiences and unforgettable travel tales. Designed to be your closet between closets, it’s convenient features will (hopefully) help you store your socks and hats in a place where you can actually find them – hey, there’s only so much they can do, you gotta roll those socks yourself. Away is sure to make for easy packing with full size luggage starting at only 11.2 lbs, removable battery chargers, and an array of colorful options you won’t be able to miss on the carousel.

The Goods

✓  Products: carry on & full-size suitcases, weekender bags and backpacks

✓  Durable luggage in an array of colors

✓  Monogramming available, painted by hand

✓  Ejectable battery optional

✓  Nylon laundry bag to separate dirty clothes

✓  100-day trial

✓  TSA-approved lock

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  Work with Peace Direct to build peace in conflict areas around the world

✓  Inspiring travel everywhere


Can we just say something? There is nothing better than a stunning piece of travel gear that is monogrammed just for you – it has this way of making you feel at home even when you’re far far away. Meet Paravel, the brand setting the bar for new age travel. Their luxurious travel bags are flexible and designed for multipurpose use, ready to accompany you on all of your adventures. Paravel’s bags come from mills that supply some of the world’s most prestigious brands – and by selling to you directly they keep their prices accessible, all under $400.

The Goods

✓  Products: weekender, duffels, fold-up bags & travel accessories

✓  Premium cotton, featherweight nylon & expedition nylon

✓  Personalization available, hand-painted for appliquéd designs

✓  Lightweight canvas is waterproof & stain proof

✓  Suitcase handle sleeve on select styles

✓  Collection of fold-up bags that zip into compact pouches

✓  All under $400

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  Disrupting the luggage industry with luxurious bags at fair prices  

Arlo Skye

Arlo Skye dubs itself for the design-obsessed traveler. Founded by Louis Vuitton and Tumi alums, this brand makes stunningly elegant luggage in insanely high quality materials like polycarbonate shells, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, and silent run wheels. In summary, their luggage is made for heavy impact and won’t break under pressure. Arlo Skye has changed up the game by removing the outer zipper and replacing it with an effective 1-touch open/close frame. And their removable batteries will recharge just about anything your heart desires - for real, what else could you need?

The Goods

✓  Products: carry on & full-size suitcases, weekender bags and backpacks

✓  Unbreakable lightweight shell

✓  Laser-etched monogramming available

✓  1-touch open/close frame instead of an outer zipper

✓  Sourced from top quality materials

✓  Whisper quiet wheels

✓  Portable, removable charger from LG & Panasonic

✓  21-day trial

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  Disrupting the luggage industry with incredible quality at accessible prices

Tortuga Backpacks

Maybe you aren’t headed to the Hamptons this summer - maybe you’re ready to travel the world – and you can’t be rolling your fancy suitcase down the dirt roads in the Portugal islands. You’ll be needing proper travel gear for the journey ahead, and good thing we know just the place to find it. Tortuga’s travel backpacks are here to be your best travel companion – they open like a suitcase but strap on like a backpack, with a suspension system and sweat-wicking foam that will be comfy on your back, even during your longest travel days. Tortuga is obsessed with organization - design features include computer pockets, credit cards holders, and even a water bottle pocket. They’ve got it all goin’ on.

The Goods

✓  Products: travel backpacks, daypacks, duffels & accessories

✓  Backpacks that open like a suitcase

✓  Weather resistant

✓  Lockable zippers

✓  Suspension system straps evenly distribute weight

✓  Soft padding for comfort

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  Travel gear for living on your own terms

✓  Location independent business & employees

Lo & Sons

Lo & Sons designs their lightweight multi-purpose bags for smarter, functional – and durable travel. Quite functional, we’d say – with straps designed to slide right onto your luggage handle (and you know how we feel about that). This brand makes a huge effort to honor our planet by minimizing any negative environmental impacts, and providing transparency when it comes to their production process. We’re fans of their Recycled Poly Collection made from plastic bottles and the Organic Canvas Collection made without any pesticides or chemicals. We applaud them for every eco-friendly effort they make.

The Goods

✓  Products: weekenders, duffels, backpacks, camera bags & more

✓  Suitcase handle sleeve on weekend getaway bags

✓  Bottom pocket to keep your shoes or dirty clothes separate

✓  Super spacious, yet foldable and packable

✓  Recycled poly collection made from plastic bottles

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  Striving to go places while making a positive impact

✓  15% eco-friendly materials with plans to double that amount by 2020

✓  Focused on the supply chain and life cycle of their products


Everlane’s lightweight and durable travel bags make the very stressful task of packing all the less stressful. Their soft bags are easily transportable whether you decide on the backpack, the bag, or the 2-in-1, which can function as a backpack or a normal bag (wow). With their contoured and ventilated mesh shoulder straps, Everlane makes traveling more comfortable, all the while giving you that effortless, off-duty look, with simplistic styles that go with your every look.

The Goods

✓  Products: weekenders, 2-in-1 backpack, the mover pack and more

✓  Lightweight, durable, and water resistant

✓  68% Nylon, 32% Polyester

✓  Rubberized zipper pulls

✓  Made in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  Ethical factories

✓  Radical transparency


Traveling with Cuyana means always traveling in style. Their luxurious totes are inspired by daydreams of spontaneous weekends away (and damn, do these bags have us dreaming). Fitted perfectly for your next adventure, Cuyana’s totes are crafted from durable, textured Turkish canvas and Vachetta leather. They are the perfect go-to with durable, yet lightweight designed to be easy on your shoulders. And if you’re looking for a personal touch, you can customize their canvas bag with foil or embossed monogramming. Time to make those daydreams become a reality.

The Goods

✓  Products: Canvas & smooth leather weekenders & overnight bags

✓  Crafted from durable, textured Turkish canvas and Vachetta leather

✓  Foil or embossed monogramming available

✓  Interior cotton lining

✓  Webbed nylon shoulder strap

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  Lean Closet movement partnership with H.E.A.R.T. (Helping Ease Abuse Related Trauma)

✓  Encouraging us to buy fewer, better things (minimizing waste & our impact on mother earth)

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