Greats: The Must-Have Sneaker

The leather sneakers to get you through fall (and all the other seasons too)
September 11, 2019
September 11, 2019
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Guys, take a risk and wear some leather kicks with your chinos and suit pants; and girls let’s leave the heels in the closet this week (you won’t miss them a bit). Dare we say, kick it up a notch. Finally, a trend that’s doing our feet a favor. Ditch those uncomfy, stiff work shoes and swap them for, you guessed it, leather sneakers.  If that doesn’t sound like heaven to you, then we don’t really know what to say. Cue Greats, the leather sneaker that won’t cost an arm and a leg - and the reason speed walking to the office is a little less painful. Greats offers styles for both men and women so we can all reap the benefits. 

Greats are known for their solid, versatile sneaker design. The simplicity of the style makes it possible for you to wear pretty much anything with them. Plus, they recently launched a completely sustainable knit sneak that has won our hearts. Their new knit option is made of 100%  plastic water bottles, seven bottles per shoe to be exact. So you can save the environment, and keep your look business casual (yet trendy)

In the words of the shoemakers, beautiful shoes (belle scarpe) take time and honest craftsmanship. That’s why all of Greats sneakers are made in Civitanova, a shoe-making town in Italy. All of their shoes are 100% hand-stitched, giving us premium quality worth showing off around town. With special Ortholite inserts, you could walk miles in these puppies and still feel like you’re strolling on a cloud. You don’t have to worry about the laces fraying because their sneakers are made from waxed cotton– it even gives them their own special clean look.

Edge them up with a leather jacket, or keep them cool and casual with a t-shirt and jeans. If you’re a Brooklyn native, chances are you already know that these kicks are the it shoe– everyone’s got a pair. It’s because they are worth the investment– the ever-lasting lug sole means these are not some beat-around shoe (peep those $30 sale New Balance sneaks wilting in the corner of your closet). You should never spend on a throwaway anything – bet your wallet would yell YES right now if it could.

Image Credit: Greats, Greats

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