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In with the new, out with the ratty old couch
July 9, 2019
June 8, 2019
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So you’ve finally done it – bought that new home or moved in with your significant other, leaving that ratty couch from your parent’s basement in the 90 out on the curb. Congrats, you’re stepping up in the world! And good thing we’re here to help you replace it with an effortless online shopping trip that can be done from the comfort of your cozy bed. May we recommend grabbing a bottle of wine before getting started?

We’re rounded up the best online sofa companies that have been disrupting the industry over the past few years. It goes like this (the 4th, the 5th) - you select your dream couch, it arrives in a box and then you quickly assemble it. And damn, you’re good to go. Get ready to kick back and celebrate the fact that you’ve saved yourself a painful shopping trip to Ashley’s Home Furniture. Because with these brands, the deal doesn’t “end tomorrow” – it’s every. single. day. Yeah, that’s what happens when you eliminate the retail markup.

If you’re nervous about buying a couch without sitting on it yourself, we recommend you spend time reading the reviews - they don’t lie. And most of these companies have a satisfaction guarantee - meaning that if you decide you don’t like your purchase, they’ll come remove it, no questions asked. So get with the times. You deserve the highest quality sofa you can afford for that bum of yours – and you’ll be needing one of these fairly priced options.    

We’ve make browsing as easy as possible by sharing all of the info you need below. As always feel free to drop us a comment…you know how we love to hear from you.


Burrow is one of our favorite brands, and you’ll want to pay attention because they recently added leather sofas to their already amazing mix. We’re big fans of their imagery because it inspires us to, quite literally, dive into our couches face-first and stay there all day long. They’re designing furniture for real life, not life in a cookie cutter catalog – so grab a snack, get ready to hang - and if you spill food everywhere while passed out, well that’s just fine with them. Their sofas even have built-in USB chargers so you literally don’t have to move.

The Goods

✓   Fabric + leather sofas

✓   USB chargers in select styles

✓   Free material swatches

✓   Premium quality

✓   30-day trial period

✓   AR app to see how Burrow will look in your home

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Made in the USA (North Carolina)

✓  Designing couches for real life


Look no further for a company that not only makes premium quality, custom furniture – but also gives you all the good feels. This inspiring story of how these founders came together to create a company that offers the best possible experience for the customer, is truly inspiring. Joybird’s product offering includes both leather and fabric sofas in an array of standout colors and neutrals. And for each item sold, they plant more trees than were used to manufacture that item.

The Goods

✓   Leather + fabric sofas

✓   Free swatch samples

✓   365 day satisfaction guarantee

✓   Unlimited flat-rate delivery

✓   Best-selling items ship within 3 days

✓   Lifetime warranty

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Dedicated to making the world a better place

✓   Over 446,000 trees planted

✓   Credit their employees for powering the business


The best ideas always come when we’re traveling to exotic lands and freezing our ass off – right? Well I guess so because the founders of Article came up with the business concept while adventuring in the Arctic Circle. They’ve since built a company founded on the idea of simplicity and efficiency, known for outstanding quality and attention to detail. By eliminating inefficiencies in the supply chain, they’re able to offer a hell of a better deal.

The Goods

✓   Leather + fabric sofas

✓   30-day satisfaction guarantee

✓   5-star reviews

✓   Flat delivery fee of $49

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Built on the premise of simplicity and efficiency

✓   Value sincerity & authenticity

Campaign Living

Campaign Living makes furniture designed to evolve with you, with a minimalist aesthetic and clean design sure to evoke a peaceful environment. The best part? They’re made of resilience foam typically found in luxury couches and their durable upholstery covers are removable – at any moment you can switch them out, changing the look and feel of your entire living room. A level of freedom we didn’t know a sofa could offer.

The Goods

✓   Fabric sofas

✓   Removable fabric covers

✓   Free fabric samples

✓   Made of resilience foam

✓   Free & fast delivery

✓   Easy assembly

✓   5 star reviews

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Built to help you live better


Floyd keeps it simple and offers you one timeless sofa that they stand behind. You should know that they don’t mess around with their quality testing - they even drop heavy weights on their couches and attempt to break the legs themselves - all to ensure they’re offering you the best possible product and a product that will last. And great news - their sofas can be disassembled so you don’t have to worry about getting it into your next place – or the one after that.

The Goods

✓   Fabric sofas

✓   Free fabric samples

✓   Stain-resistant fabric

✓   Extreme quality testing

✓   Free delivery

✓   30-day satisfaction guarantee

✓   Limited Warranty Promise

✓   5 star reviews


Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Long-lasting quality designed to avoid landfills

✓  Stand against a culture of disposability

Interior Define

Interior Define is all about custom-made furniture with a comfort-first approach. That’s an idea we can sink right into… get it (sometimes we just can’t help ourselves)? If you’re in the market for kid-friendly and pet friendly materials, you’ve come to the right place. They even have an augmented reality app that lets you see how the couch will look in your home. Pretty neat.

The Goods

✓   Custom, handmade furniture

✓   Kid + pet friendly options

✓   Free swatches

✓   Comfort-first approach

✓   Durable fabrics, top-grain leather, woods & metals

✓   AR app to see the couch in your space

✓   100-day return policy

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Made-to-order model avoids excess inventory in landfills

✓   Disrupting the sofa industry to bring you high quality at competitive prices

Inside Weather

Last but certainly not least; Inside Weather is bringing back midcentury design classics, with a modern twist. Their sofas are custom-made and arrive to your doorstep within a few days – and they pride themselves on making furniture for your home, not the landfill. Some background here – the all-too-common approach by traditional brands is to overproduce furniture and roll the cost of the ones that aren’t sold into the price tag… and that leftover product often ends up in landfills. So by having a made-to-order business model, they avoid this, protecting Mother Earth and your wallet.

The Goods

✓   Custom-made

✓   Arrives within days

✓   365-day home trial

✓   Free swatches

✓   Midcentury design classics

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Made in the USA (Bay Area to be more specific)

✓   Designed for your home, not the landfill

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