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July 31, 2019
July 31, 2019
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The one thing that you always need in your closet is a good pair of jeans. Or 2 or 5. Right? Because you can't live in that old pair of sweatpants every day.

Fortunately for us, a whole bunch of better online denim brands have started popping up in recent years - here to make it easier for us to shop for jeans  from the comfort of our couch. That means you'll never have to venture into those stuffy fitting rooms at the mall ever again. Unless, ya know, that's what you're into. Let's keep things simple and start getting our denim straight from the source - and right to our doorstep.

The brands we've rounded up here are hyper-focused on their fit and constantly improve it by using feedback from their customers. So it's no surprise that they're known for making better denim. And to top things off, many of them are making efforts to reduce water waste and carbon emissions. BTW did you know that it takes 2,000 gallons of water to make the average pair of jeans? Yes, you read that right. So there's a lot of room for improvement and we're 100% behind the brands making an effort to change that.


DSTLD is shaking up the men’s market right in the denim capital of the world: Los Angeles. Co founders Corey Epstein and Mark Lynn aren’t cutting corners when it comes to denim quality or burning a hole in your wallet (they’re all under $100, cheers). Their curated color palette of only black, white, grey, and denim keeps their roots in simplicity - that means timeless styles. For DSTLD, their smart performing stretch denim makes your jeans feel like a second skin instead of bulky fabric that you’re dying to take off at the end of the day. 

The Goods

  Under $100

  Smart Performing Stretch Denim

  Edited color palette: black, white, gray, denim

  Staples for long lasting wardrobe

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  Ethical labor practices, 100% sweatshop-free

✓  Eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics on select styles


As you may know, Bonobos first became known for eliminating the horrid “diaper butt”, so it's only natural that they now take part in the denim game too. They always have a ton of styles and colors for keeping our closet stocked for every season. Plus their style names are easy to remember - The Everyday, Athletic Fit, you get the picture. Point is, you'll actually be able to remember it, so once you find a good pair, you can get ready to reorder it on repeat.

The Goods

✓  Stretch denim that won’t bag out

✓  Signature curved waistband

✓  Zip fly

✓  Lightweight and less stretch options

✓   On a mission to reinvent the retail store experience

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Stand for gender equality & inclusiveness

Buck Mason

We couldn't talk about classic denim without talking about Buck Mason. The founders of Buck Mason have one goal: to modernize the American classics. Their denim is made domestically and through factories overseas to ensure the highest quality (all 14oz Japanese denim) at one easy price plus free shipping– so make sure to grab a few pairs. 

The Goods

✓   14 oz. Japanese cotton 

✓   Slim and Standard

✓   2% spandex for stretch

Why We Stand Behind Them

 ✓   U.S. domestic production

✓   Fair working conditions in factories

Frank & Oak

Remember back in 2016 when we were all moving to Canada - or maybe you’re still considering it. Well Frank and Oak can definitely be added to the pros list. They've figured out how to make eco-friendly jeans that fit and feel good too. Their production methods use 95% less water, 50% less chemicals and 79% less energy than the average pair of jeans. They also use more sustainable cotton to reduce our carbon footprint. Yes, yes, yes.

The Goods

✓   Under $100

✓   Hydro-less denim

✓   95% less water used to make a pair

✓   Stretch denim

✓   Athletic fit option–yes our thighs can be slim thick too

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Eco-conscious fashion

✓   Give a shi(r)t partners with nonprofits around the world

✓   Invests in the community

Mott & Bow

Founder Alejandro Chahin has taken his experience in the denim industry into New York to give us quality product at a fair price. Chahin has made denim more than just that pair of jeans you need once or twice a season. At Mott & Bow, the denim down to a science (aka denim science). Trust the process. It gives us soft, long-lasting jeans that look sharp and hold up all day long.

The Goods

✓  Available in straight, slim, and skinny

✓  Fabric: left hand weave specially from Italy– 11%-20% elasticity

✓  Stone washed

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  Family-owned facility

✓  Control the entire manufacturing process

✓  Minimize waste


Meet Revtown– a brand taking denim to the next level. The founders of Revtown had one goal: make their denim as comfortable as their sweats. These founding team came from Under Armour, and took everything they knew about athletic-wear and used those same innovations to give us the world’s most comfortable jeans. No more pulling up your pants all day long or worrying about splitting a seam during a quick manspread slip. 

The Goods

✓  BCI certified- created in the greenest mill in the world

✓  Washer and Dryer safe

✓  Slim and straight cut

✓  Premium Italian yarn

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  Digital tailor option to find your perfect fit

✓  Eco-conscious denim process

Warp + Weft

Family owned Warp + Weft is all about inclusivity. It’s about time we get to preach about inclusivity for men. Because you should not be sentenced to the Big & Tall stores and sacrificing sleek style for fit. Get you a company who can do both. Their denim is doing it right, with an eco-manufacturing process that uses 95% less water than the average jean. Good for Mother Earth and size inclusive? Now that really takes the cake.

The Goods

✓  Midweight cotton stretch

✓  Slim, skinny, and athletic options

✓  Vintage feel

✓  Dry Ozone technology instead of bleach

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓  Size inclusivity

✓  Manufacturing process uses 95% less water

✓  Family owned company

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