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Bath towels worth staying in all. day. long.
August 5, 2019
June 4, 2019
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Ever feel like throwing in the towel? Literally though. Towels are probably the last things on our mind when they aren't doing their job of drying us off. And yet, we can’t help but feel that the solace of our shower break shouldn’t end when the water turns off.  We deserve a fluffier pause from the fast pace of our busy lives.

Check your bathroom hooks - do you even remember the last time you bought new towels? Think of that fluffy hotel towel from your last vacation that you just wouldn’t take off? We think you deserve that every single day. Just pause to imagine that cozy cotton wrapped around your bod and tell us that you disagree. Great, we’ll carry on.

Ladies swap out your pajamas, and guys keep your best boxer briefs in the drawer. This time we’re leaving our clothes on the rack and spending the day wrapped in nothing but our towel. Mhmmm we’re taking lazy Sundays to a whole new level.


Sorry, we’re not sorry that we're a tad obsessed with everything Snowe. Now, it’s time to talk about their towels - and let’s start with the fact that they’re described as maximum fluff (which hello, has us dreaming of a cloud-like pile of bath towels). They’re also hyper absorbent and avail in a classic cotton, as well as a lightweight honeycomb material. Btw Snow makes sure their towels are extra soft by spinning cotton fibers with air so we get ultra-light, ultra fluffy towels we can run the world in. Wowza, count us in.

The Goods

✓   Long-staple cotton made in Portugal

✓   Machine washable and dryer-friendly

✓   Versatile products for every styling preference

✓   Made in factories with most innovative materials and latest technologies

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Luxury quality made attainable

✓   Oeko-tex certified - aka free of harmful chemicals


Just like all of their products at Brooklinen, Founders Rich and Vicky are keeping it real with their towels. They know what we want: soft, plush, and totally durable. At Brooklinen they make sure their towels are spa-grade soft, using the same single ply yarn technique used on their sheets. They even found a way to make towels last longer using a Z threading technique instead of the usual S (you’ll have to ask them exactly what that means, but hey, it sounds legit to us).

The Goods

✓   Durable Z-Twist construction– finally, no more holes

✓   Long staple cotton from Turkey– if they do it best, don’t mess with it

✓   Silky soft single-ply construction

✓   ‘what you need’ quiz to answer all your questions

✓   High quality on a budget

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Responsible manufacturing

✓   Online chat options for awesome customer service


A trip to the Amalfi Coast inspired Parachute Home Founder Ariel Kaye to launch her company, and boy are we glad she did. Parachute’s lush and cozy towels are made with aerocotton technology that keeps you super warm and dry. These live-in towels are sourced in the Aegean region in Turkey - an area known for making towels that are soft but never too dense. And, damn, babies these days are doing it right, spending their days in Parachute Home towels. We better take a page out of their book.

The Goods

✓   Waffle, tassel, Turkish and of course, classic option

✓   Quick drying with aerocotton technology

✓   Ribbed dobby design for a modern look

✓   Keeps Turkish culture the focus in their towel making

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Donates returned items to Habitat for Humanity

✓   Oeko-Tex Standard 100– which means no chemicals or synthetics

Boll & Branch

Family-owned brand Boll & Branch reminds us that we deserve to know where our products come from. They pride themselves on their traceable supply chain, creating products with no chemicals, pesticides or additives - perfect for even the most sensitive of skins. Their 100% organic cotton towels are just as heavenly as their bedding - allowing the whole fam to enjoy these absorbent, durable towels. So go ahead, wrap yourself up in them.

The Goods

✓   100% organic cotton, same as their sheets

✓   Extra large design for all towels

✓   Fluffy, soft, absorbent, and durable

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Taking transparency to a whole new level

✓   Fair trade fair wage factories

✓   Global Organic Textile Standard certified dyes


Weezie is southern hospitality straight to your home - and in the form of a phenomenal towel, of course. This brand dubs it’s brand as “Towels With A Soul”, which couldn’t more perfectly capture the essence of why we love them. With adorable winky face and heart-embroidered designs, Weezie offers top-notch quality that will look lush AF hanging in your bathroom. Plus, these top quality towels dry extra quick - making it easy for you to forget about your clothes for as long as possible (which is obviously the goal).

The Goods

✓   100% long staple cotton, soft and plush

✓   Hypoallergenic and low linting

✓   Built-in hook for hang drying– ‘cause we gotta look out for our planet

✓   Custom embroidery and piping options to match any theme

✓   Savannah Georgia based

Why We Stand Behind Them

✓   Produced at a family-owned factory in Portugal

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