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The Bamboo Toilet Paper Saving Our Trees
August 23, 2019
August 23, 2019
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Toilet problems are REAL, let us just tell you. We couldn’t believe our ears when we heard that 27,000 trees are knocked down PER DAY just so us humans can wipe our booties. That’s why we need Bippy, the eco-friendly toilet paper made of super soft bamboo fibers - where no trees are harmed in the making. Hypoallergenic, premium, and 100% biodegradable with luxurious levels of softness. Can we get a hell yeah? 

Without getting into the DD’s (cheat sheet: the dirty deets) we can tell you that regular TP, made of hardwood trees, is poisoning our plumbing and damaging our forests. It’s hurting Mother Earth more than brittle TP hurts your behind - Ouch. Bippy came onto the scene with a goal of saving the trees and treating your butt well. Bonus fact: bamboo creates more oxygen, uses more carbon, and doesn’t have to be replanted. It’s a win, win, win

In addition to their luxurious bamboo toilet paper, Bippy also makes the Instant Wet Wipe - a foam that gets squeezed on your TP, essentially transforming it into wet wipes. People are kind of obsessed with it, so we can confidently say that your bootie will be thanking you. Plus, it’s 100% vegan, cruelty free, with no parabens, and an energy efficient manufacturing process! 

It’s our jobs to keep ourselves squeaky clean, and it’s Bippy’s job to keep making this awesome TP that’s saving the world, one tooshie wipe at a time. Don’t believe us? Hover over the images below to see what people are saying. 

Lastly, Bippy thinks it’s funny to hold  peaches over peoples (and pups) butts to show how great that behind will look with Bippy. And we think it’s pretty funny too. Check out Bippy’s insta feed for more inspiring butt-friendly content.

Image Credit: Bippy, @heybippy

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