About Us

The verticale

Why We're Here

Every brand here has a story. We set out to create a place for finding the new generation of innovative brands that stand for something beyond the product. At The Verticale you’ll find brands with real people behind them that aim to work toward a better tomorrow. 

We exclusively curate brands that meet our standards: quality goods from mission-driven companies that take a human-centric approach to their place in the world. Individuality, diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of who we are. 

The Verticale was born out of the need to keep track of all of the brands that fit into our lifestyle. By bringing them together in one place, we hope we’ll become your go-to for finding better brands. 

Founder’s Note

I created The Verticale because the brands we feature are ones I’m genuinely excited to see in my closet, on my kitchen counter, or around my husband's wrist. To me, it’s about more than a product -  it’s about a lifestyle.

I spent 8 years working in the fashion industry - from emerging brands to a department store - from high end to low. More than enough time to see how the traditional retail system is broken at both ends - and to truly appreciate how these brands are doing it so much better.

The Verticale exists because I believe great brands deserve to be discovered - and I brought on my startup guru co-founder Michelle because she feels the same way too.

So after some big dreams, sleepless nights, endless coffee (now, zoom) chats with founders of these better brands, our readers' insight, and more brainstorms than you can count -  The Verticale continues to evolve every damn day. Stay in the know by hanging with us here,  @theverticale or by signing up for our email newsletters. See ya there.

Jaclyn Grauman

Our Name

Our name comes from a niche term that describes the space we write about - Digitally Native Vertical Brands. Vertical brands are born online and change the game by selling directly to you - yes, that means no wholesale markups thus fairer prices - but more importantly it means they focus their efforts on doing what’s in your best interest, not the retail store’s.

Vertical evolved to Verticale, and then when we decided to create an online destination - The Verticale. You get the picture.

Enter a better way to shop. 

At The Verticale, it’s always been our vision to make it easier for you to find the brands that matter. That’s why we’re launching a marketplace where you can discover and shop this new world of brands in one place. If you’re a customer, sign up for our emails to be the first to know. Brands, learn more by reading our Medium article here and join us in changing the future of retail by signing up for our waitlist below!